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Ek Villain - Galliyan (Unplugged)
New-Poster-Ek-VillainJust when I thought there wouldn’t be another Bollywood sound track that would top Aashiqui 2, I was proven wrong again. Having the ability to filter through the garbage they call music nowadays takes a lot more than just patience.  Ever since Aashiqui 2 passed, I hadn’t heard anything worthwhile. More than anything, the industry took the helpful hand of Yo Yo Honey Singh and really ran with it. Just when I think I’m done listening to amount of Vodka bottles consumed and how it’s “sunny, sunny” , here comes Ek Villain.

Right off the bat, Mohit Suri’s taste in soulful music and romantic ballads is unquestioned. He’s done it before and proves it again with nothing less than perfection in this soundtrack. Teaming together Mithoon and Ankit Tiwari as the music directors couldn’t have been anymore of a perfect match.  They did it in Aashiqui 2, and well…they’ve done it again this time! If I could start handing out awards, hands down, Ek Villain would win all the music awards for this year.

Following a similar feel of Aashiqui 2 in terms of energy, the entire album brings romantic ballads together with rocklike backbeat and bass-line. Although the album is comprised of only 6 tracks, one of which is an “unplugged” track of Galliyan, it’s such a complete album. If you’re a hopeless romantic at heart, this album strikes the cords.

Surprisingly enough, the soundtrack features Ankit Tiwari as the music director AND the singer in a few of the tracks. Starting the album off with the hit song “Galliyan”. The combination of the electric guitar, viola, and drum n’ bass type backbeat really takes you on a journey. When you peg Manoj Muntashir as the lyricist, it’s so hard to not give this track the song of the year. Moving onto Banjaara, Mithoon ekvillainadds in his brilliance of lyricism to a song surrounded by beautiful keys in the intro.  One the songs on the lighter side, I loved the usage of the acoustic guitar combined with a Sufi-like feel in the bridge. The next song I wanted to highlight is “Awari”. I have to say it’s my favorite one in the entire soundtrack. Bringing in a newcomer like Soch the Band and letting them take over, is a step that is not new for Mohit Suri. I’m so glad he let Soch come in and put their twist on it. I absolutely loved the piano combined with the pads to start off the song. Last but not the least, the unplugged version of Galliyan really took me by surprise. It’s a musical debut for Shraddha Kapoor and she delivers like you wouldn’t believe. You can hear the emotion off the pages in the notes through the entire song. Her vocals just capture the listener right from the start. Love it.

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  • Galliyan
  • Banjaara
  • Zaroorat
  • Awari
  • Galliyan (Unplugged)

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Overall, Ek Villain is a hit sound track for the Bollywood industry this year. It’s no doubt that Mohit Suri brings out the best in his music directors and he’s done it once again with the help of Mithoon and Ankit Tiwari. I can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves for this year. Until then, feel free to play the video above and let me know what you think of the sound track in the comments below!